A new way to buy beef and save, from a ranch as old as the pioneers

Buy directly from the Weight family ranch (est. 1904) and avoid the markups of middle men and grocery stores.
Free-range, local beef—no steroids or antibiotics—at a wholesale price that saves you money. 

Beef Boxes Delivered

We’ll fill your freezer for you! Select a package below and we’ll personally deliver right to your front door (on the Wasatch Front). Text or call 801-406-9097 to order.

I love supporting local farmers and
getting better quality food in return.”

Better tasting beef from the pasture, not a feed lot

Our herd is raised free-range. The natural grazing process means better digestion for the cows and more natural marbling when compared to feed-lot beef.

Superior finishing means superior flavor

8 weeks before they arrive at the butcher, our steers receive grain supplementation (corn and oats) to their regular diet to increase marbling and improve flavor—far superior to any beef found in the grocery store.

What Others Say


I love being able to support the Weight family and I can’t believe I can get this level of quality for less than I’d pay at the store.

Shawn Madsen 

 / Highland, UT


I’ve visited the ranch and I love seeing the cows grazing. It’s a stark contrast to food-production documentaries I’ve seen. 

Annie Nuttall

/ Mapleton, UT


I’ve eaten the most expensive steaks money can buy—and they don’t even compare to the superior quality of Weight Utah Beef Co.

Mitch Weight

/ Spanish Fork, UT

Local Beef for the Wasatch Front

We believe Utah families deserve a better option for buying beef.

Grocery stores charge way too much for “mystery meat”.

Not everybody knows a rancher, and even if you do, have you ever tried to buy from one? It’s a nightmare! They tell you a low price per pound, then hit you with butcher fees, wrapping fees, taxes, delivery fees and more. And what if you don’t have a spare freezer for all that meat?

Weight Utah Beef Co. makes it easy.

Reserve a beef box by calling or texting and we’ll let you know when it’s ready. Then, we’ll deliver it to you. Simple. And, you can rest assured you’re receiving the best beef, raised ethically and naturally—perfect for your family.


We couldn’t fit all the Weights here...so since I built the website, I’m featuring my family. 

My great grandpa started ranching in 1904 in Diamond Fork, UT. Since then the Weight family has continued the tradition. My dad, Doug, set out in 1996 with a new vision—to develop the most natural, best tasting beef offered on the Wasatch Front.

Over the past 24 years we’ve worked closely as a family to ensure our herd is healthy, natural and provides families like yours with a more superior product than you can find anywhere else.


What about Shipping?

We personally deliver to most locations along the Wasatch Front in Utah. But if you don’t live here, we do have shipping available for free on most orders over $150. But...we only ship to locations that can be delivered by 1 or 2 day ground delivery—to ensure the beef arrives at a safe temperature (we take food safety and shipping our products very seriously).

If your order cannot be received within 2 days using ground shipping, we won’t be able to deliver to you.  

You are always welcome to pick up your order here at our ranch. We love meeting our customers!

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